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SuperTitle Purchase Cost

Your supertitle display or system will be custom made to suit your needs.  Because no two venues are exactly the same, we work with you to custom design and build each display to fit your site, programming, and budget.

You probably know the prices for electronic components are constantly changing, so even we have trouble making long range estimates.

But we also know that supertitles are a major expense which must be budgeted for.  Until you get a chance to contact us for a more exact price, here are the prices for our two most popular displays as of January 2004.


14 Foot Wide Large Display

A 14'W x 2'H x 6"D with at least 40 characters per line costs $56,000.  This ready-to-run turnkey system includes all necessary software, computer systems and shipping charges.

The two line text size for this full-size sign varies according to the font selection:

  • 7.75" tall (40 Characters per line) is the largest and can be comfortably read from about 300 feet away.
  • 5" tall (50 Characters per line) is most popular and can be comfortably read from about 150 feet away.

7 Foot Wide Minitext™ Display

The versatile 7'4"W x 1'7"H x 6"D Minitext can be purchased as an add-on to other displays or as a complete system.

The Minitext system can be used in conjunction with other Minitext displays or with larger displays as an under-balcony display.  The add-on Minitext display costs $14,500.

The Minitext system can also be used as a rugged stand-alone for smaller performance spaces and touring productions.  A complete turn-key Minitext system costs $24,500 and includes all necessary software and computers.

When displaying two 40 character lines each character is 2" wide x 2.6" tall.  A Minitext display can be comfortably read from 75 feet away.


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