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SuperTitle Accessories


Travel & Storage Boxes

Travel/Storage boxes are custom made to fit your display or electronics.  Display boxes are internally padded and mounted on casters to make transport or storage as convenient as possible.  Electronics boxes are rack style to let you use the electronics without unpacking and come with with a removable wheeled cart.

The actual price of your box will vary with its size and any custom features.  Until you can contact us for a more accurate estimate, here are some typical prices to give you an idea what they'll cost:

Display box $2,200
Electronics box $1,200
Unpadded cable box $550


Chain Motor

CM-Prostar chain motor to suspend large displays with.  We recommend two motors for suspending large supertitle displays.  The 110VAC, single phase, chain motor we offer is:

  • designed for inverted use,
  • fitted with upper and lower standard hooks,
  • equipped with control and power pigtails,
  • able to lift 60 feet.


Spare Parts

Extra cable: 1 Reel 250' of 25 conductor Control Cable with Heavy Duty Connector   


PCI/VGA Card for KS-262


KS-262 Scan Card


KS-216 Transfer Card (2 required inside display)


Power Supply (two or more inside display)


KS-221 LED Modules



All prices are subject to change without notice.


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